The Path to Finding a Great Caregiver

When you are looking for senior care for your aging loved one, you have a number of options. One option is whether to hire a caregiver privately or through a home care company. You can make the best choice when you know what you can expect from each option.

You Want a Qualified Caregiver 

The person caring for your loved one must be qualified for the job. Caregivers who work through home care companies should be fully qualified and experienced in senior care. In addition, the caregiver should have been trained, and been determined to meets the company’s standards.

It’s not impossible to find a qualified caregiver when you hire privately, but it can be risky. The person may not have the training or experience she claims to have, and you can spend a considerable amount of time checking references. If you want confidence in your caregiver, a senior care agency is the best approach.

You Want a Person with Integrity

Honesty and integrity are required when caring for elderly persons in their homes. In addition to the well-being of your loved one, you also need to be able to trust in the safety of your loved one’s belongings: home, cash, personal possessions, other assets, and even prescription medications.

Home care companies generally carefully screen their applicants. This greatly lessens the possibility that the caregiver has a history of harming seniors, any type of criminal record, or that he or she uses drugs. Independent caregivers are not screened, and may hide a history that could disqualify him or her for the job. Unless you have the means to screen applicants on your own, you’ll likely have more peace of mind by choosing a company that screens its applicants.

Your Caregiver Must Like Seniors

It goes without saying that not everyone enjoys their work. Some people choose jobs as in-home caregivers do so simply because they need the income, and that’s fine. But you want your loved one to have a better experience than a caregiver who is only interested in a paycheck.

You’ll increase your chances of finding someone who enjoys the work by choosing a home care company. Why? Because home care companies want to field the best care providers they can; it’s bad for business to employ providers who don’t seem to care. Private caregivers have no one looking over them, and no one to let them go if they clearly don’t enjoy working with elderly clients.

Hiring the Best Caregiver

For the ideal caregiver, helping the elderly should be more than a job. The caregiver assigned to your loved one should know how to interact with seniors, how to meet a senior’s needs, and how to make life better. One reason I prefer to work with Seniors Helping Seniors is because their caregivers are seniors, and they relate well to those they assist.

Receiving care should be a positive experience for your elderly family member, and it all starts by hiring the right caregiver. A smartly-chosen caregiver can help to ensure that your loved one will be healthy, safe, and fulfilled in his or her older years.