Smart Practices for Cleaner Carpets

We love carpets – when they’re clean. But keeping them clean isn’t easy – especially if you have children or pets. If you’ve ever tried to clean your own carpet, you already know that it takes quite a bit of time and effort. If you don’t have a pro-quality cleaning machine, the results may not be worthwhile; if you rent a cleaning machine, you’ll get better results, but that will cost even more time and money.

So what’s the best way to keep your carpet clean while minimizing your time, effort, and expense? Let’s break it down:

First, you should vacuum regularly – and slowly. While vacuuming is no substitute for a deep cleaning, it will accomplish some important things: It will help to remove abrasive dirt and grit that will damage your carpet fibers and shorten the life of your carpeting. It will also mitigate the dust and other allergens in your home. Take your time while you work. Slower strokes help the vacuum to vibrate the carpet fibers and release trapped materials.

Second, you should attend to spills immediately – and correctly. Don’t wait a moment to let a spill soak into your carpet (and the padding underneath). Instead, blot the spill with a paper towel. After you’ve removed as much moisture as you can by blotting, apply a carpet cleaning spray to the spill. Then lightly work, continuing to blot, from the outside in. Then rinse by blotting with a clean, damp cloth.

If you follow the two practices above, you’ll be able to keep your carpets in better shape between cleanings. But in order to maintain a clean, healthy home, you will need to clean your carpets at least once per year. If you don’t, your carpets will wear more quickly; their appearance will fade; and your home’s indoor air quality (and potentially your health) will be compromised by the dust and allergens that vacuuming simply can’t pull up from your carpets.

So how should you clean your carpets? Given the time, effort, and expense of cleaning carpets on your own, it makes good sense to arrange for a professional cleaning. But there are other factors that can make using a professional carpet cleaner an even better idea.

Many carpet cleaning companies have embraced the practice of green cleaning, using only solutions that are non-toxic, chemical-free, and eco-friendly. Here along the south end of the Puget Sound, Meridian Chem-Dry is well-known for employing green methods of carpet cleaning. Rather than using soaps or solvents, Meridian Chem-Dry uses a carbonated cleaning solution to release dirt and grime from carpets.

In addition to being able to use more effective solutions, professional cleaners also have the benefit of more powerful and effective equipment. Many carpet cleaning companies now employ truck-mounted systems that are able to extract more dirt, grime, and moisture from carpets than could any portable cleaning machine; these large system yield carpets that are not only cleaner, but drier – eliminating the possibility of mold development.

Keeping your carpets clean will never be effortless. But with smart and timely practices and decisions, you can enjoy a clean carpet and a clean, healthy home for you and your family.