Create Your Dream Bathroom with Quartz

If you’re completing a home renovation, chances are you probably already have plans for your bathrooms. A bathroom is the perfect room to try out a clean minimalist design aesthetic as it can help to create a relaxing retreat for you and your guests. Many modern bathroom plans are geared towards eliminating clutter and using broad strokes of color to create a clean and inviting space.

The bold use of stone for countertops, flooring, or covering walls is one of the most striking features of modern bathroom design. Stone can create bold straight lines or geometric shapes, add beautiful natural patterning, and give surfaces a polished shine that will add an elegant shimmer to the room.  The only question now is what kind of stone should you use?

I personally recommend using a slab of engineered quartz for your bathroom remodel. Why quartz? Firstly, quartz is extremely hard and can withstand the daily wear and tear that bathrooms are subject to. In addition to being incredibly tough, quartz is also nonporous, making it bacteria and stain resistant. Other types of stone, like granite or marble, are porous, which allows any spills to seep into the surface of the stone and cause a nasty spot that’s nearly impossible to get out. Most quartz distributors have a variety of different colored slabs, allowing you to pick a subtle tone that will blend in seamlessly, or a bold statement color if that’s more your style.

Another great reason to use quartz is the fact that it is one of the most eco-friendly stone choices. Quartz is one of the most common substances on earth, and many manufacturers of quartz, like CaesarStone and Cambria, are committed to using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. CaesarStone offers a full line of quartz slabs that use up to 42% post-consumer recycled materials, while Cambria recycles 100% of the water it uses during manufacturing processes. If using eco-friendly and sustainable products is an important part of your renovation, quartz is a natural choice for your project.

Here are some great quartz colors for a modern bathroom remodel:

Iconic Black

Silestone’s Iconic Black quartz is the perfect choice for a bold modern bathroom. Chrome and white porcelain complement this inky black reflective quartz. Iconic Black is perfect for adding some much needed contrast to an all-white bathroom. Modern minimalist design often leans towards a monochromatic color palette, making Iconic Black an easy choice if you’re looking to offset the porcelain of your sink, toilet, or bathtub.


Pearl Jasmine

For bathrooms featuring cabinets made of dark wood, Silestone’s Pearl Jasmine is an excellent choice. This beautiful quartz features light patterning to set it apart from the white porcelain fixtures of most bathrooms. Pearl Jasmine is absolutely luxurious when paired with dark wood and brushed steel fixtures. If you’re going for a clean white design for your bathroom, think about using Pearl Jasmine for your countertops, backsplash, or flooring.


Sienna Ridge

If you’re not into minimalist black and white bathrooms, you might look into an aesthetic that features more natural tan, beige, and brown tones. Sienna Ridge quartz by Silestone is the perfect complement to an earthier aesthetic. The pebbly pattern of Sienna Ridge quartz matches well with natural color stone tiles and can help to break up wide swaths of flat color. Sienna Ridge looks great with all types of cabinets, whether they are natural wood or painted. It also works with a variety of different hardware and fixtures.

These are just a few of the different varieties of quartz you can use for your bathroom renovation project. If you’re still not sure exactly what kind of aesthetic you’re looking for your bathroom, talk to the friendly design specialists at your local granite and quartz distributor. Most places will have dedicated designers that can look at your bathroom and offer suggestions.